Paralight UVC LED Eutectic process

In terms of material, the flip-chip is packaged with high thermal conductivity aluminum nitride substrate.
Aluminum nitride (AIN) has excellent thermal conductivity (140W/mK-170W/ mK), Can resist the aging of the ultraviolet light source itself, to meet the needs of high thermal management of UVC LED.
Due to the small size of UVC LEDs, most of the heat cannot be dissipated from the surface, So the back of the LED is the only way to effectively dissipate heat.

At this time, how to do a good job of thermal management in encapsulation joint is particularly important. In terms of the packaging process, the eutectic welding of gold and tin is mainly carried out through flux. It can effectively improve the bonding strength and thermal conductivity of the chip and the substrate, making it more reliable and conducive to the quality control of UVC LED.
The light pod not only adopts the eutectic process but also adds the function of eutectic vacuum pumping and nitrogen filling.
It avoids the oxidation that may occur in the process of high temperature during eutectic and reduces the cavity rate to the maximum. At present, the cavity rate can be controlled below 3%.

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