Lianyungang Plant

Lianyungang plant is a comprehensive optoelectronic enterprise that integrates research and development, manufacturing, sales, engineering of LED components, and LED lighting, moreover, it is ISO14001, ISO9001 & IATF16949 qualified plant which meets the highest standards of its field.

Area: 125 acres

Major Production Capacity:
1. Displays: 20KK/Month
2. Through-hole Lamps: 160KK/Month
3. Circuit Board Indicators: 500KK/Month

Address: No.8, Wei Hai Rd., Guannan Economics Development Zone,
Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, 223500, China


  • LYG_ISO14001_CN
  • LYG_ISO14001_EN
  • IECQ _CN
  • LYG_ISO9001_CN1
  • LYG_ISO9001_EN1
  • LYG_IATF16949_CN1
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  • ISO9001_CN(IGBT)
  • ISO9001_EN(IGBT)

Nanjing Plant

Para Light Nanjing Co., was established in 1993, it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Para Light Group (stock code: TW226). With employees of 1,028 and three mega factories in Mainland China, there are branch offices in the US, Hong Kong, Mexico, South Korea, and Myanmar. Para Light Nanjing Co., is a local well-known enterprise with qualifications of ISO14001 and ISO9001, specializing in the engineering and development of LED components and LED lighting fixtures.

Area: 104 acres

Major Production Capacity:
1. SMD: 100KK/Month
2. Epower: 5KK/Month
3. Lighting production

Address: No.1, Tanguan W. Rd., Tangshan Ave., Jianning Dist. Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, 211131 China


  • NJ_ISO9001_CN
  • NJ_ISO9001_EN
  • NJ_ISO14001_CN
  • NJ_ISO14001_EN

Myanmar Para Light LED

Myanmar Para Light LED was established in 2021.
Area: 15 acres
Employee:300 people planned

Major Production Capacity:
1. Displays: 5KK
2. Through-hole Lamps: 20KK
3. Circuit Board Indicators: 10KK


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
Para Light USA
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